E-Poster rental service

E-Poster rental service

For many conferences our E-Poster rental service research posters are created, to educate and inform the delegates. Forming an important part of the academic programme. These posters used to be printed and displayed at the conference venues taking up a substantial amount of space. Utilising the latest Ultra-High-Definition 4K technology and combining this with Mac Live’s custom built interface. Your delegates, can view any posters in incredible clarity on a single display.

4K displays handle the finest detail and catch the eye in a way that printed media cannot. There is no need to install display boards and to light the posters as the displays have individual brightness settings that can be adjusted to work within any environment. The on-demand nature of the displays means that delegates can arrange meetings and presentations at any time of their choosing instead of waiting for a poster to be displayed on a continuous loop.

The navigation is extremely user-friendly and sits on a mounted tablet separate to the displays so it never detracts from the posters themselves. Intuitive gesture controls enable delegates, to browse through the eposter library with refined search functionality, filtering and indexing as well as branding and styling as per the organisation’s identity. The whole installation works seamlessly as part of the conference.

For information about how QED can help with your ePoster displays please call 0208 133 1972 or email info@maclive.co.uk